How do I sign-up?

You get an user account automatically the first time you login using one of the OAuth login-in options.

Why is there no login or user sign-up?

For now, the only way to register and login to this service is to use one of the supported OAuth services or: "Social Sign-ins". This makes it easier for me to manage the users (I also login like that), and as a major bonus I do not have to store any passwords, making it safer for everyone.

How is using a Social safer for me?

Good question! By using this OAuth service that these accounts provide, we don't have to store your passwords here on this system. Even better: this also makes it a lot easier for me to encrypt your personal information including your email. Services usually rely on your email for log-ins, it is a slow and tricky process to use email as a unique identifier for login if it's encrypted. We don't need to worry about that here. The login-in service setup for each Social Account only work for this web page.

User Data Storage

Please note that absolutely no information stored here is shared with anybody else or any other systems.
Basic user information (name, email, avatar) is provided to this website from the sign-in providers: Google, Amazon and Twitter.
You can see all your stored user information in the Your Settings page. You can also delete your account on this page. Please note that account deletions takes effect right away.

  • Provider ID
    This is an unique id generated by the sign-in service (Facebook, Google etc...).
    This is how the sign-in services confimes that you are... well you! :) This is a random number or string.
  • Provider
    Google/Facebook/Twitter etc...
  • Email (encrypted)
    Used so CoinBot can send you alerts over email if you have it enabled in User Settings. A salted hash of your email is also used to generate your unique id for this system, that way you can use different Sign-In providers while still retaining all your settings and favorites.
  • Name (encrypted)
    Your name as provided by the sign-in service. This is just to personalise your experience a little bit, ex: "Hello, Dan". This comes standard from the sign-in provider.
  • Avatar
    A image url to a small avatar picture by the sign-in service (Google and Twitter only). This is just to personalise your experience, a small image next to your user menu. This comes standard from the sign-in provider.
  • Your Favorites
    You can store (as of writing this) up to 4 favorites. The favorite key ex: (BTC) is assigned to your user account, this is needed for the functionality of showing you your favorites. There are also different settings you can spessify for each favorite, these are: include on home screen, include on voice/visual responses for the CoinBot skill and lastly: include on daily email rapport (email most be enabled in your settings for emails to be sent).
  • Your Settings
    Some user settings are stored and related to your account. These are settings to personalise your experience on this website and with the CoinBot Alexa Skill. See Your Settings for more information.


This website uses session cookies (to keep track of your user login). More details coming soon, for now please see the privacy policy for more information.

Google Analytics

CoinBot uses analytics to track anonymous information about the usage of this website, like: page activity (what), date time (when), geographical info: country/state/city. What device is used: iPad, phone, laptop etc, what browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc. Operating system: Windows, Linux, OSX etc.. As well as screen resolution. This tracking helps me to better understand the technical needs of users as a whole. Your user account at this site (iamcoinbot.com), and your sign-in account (Amazon, Google, Twitter) is in NO WAY related to or compared with the analytics data. Enabeling "Do not track" will not reduce any functionality for this service at all :)